SOS! I Need Help Making “Tech the Plunge” Mobile Friendly!

by on June 14, 2011

Yesterday I posted “12 Must Have Plugins for WordPress” and in keeping with that theme I have been investigating optimizing Tech the Plunge to work better on mobile devices.

There are a few plugins to help with this but I have chosen on of the most simple plugins so there is not too much work involved.  The plugin is MobilePress and it automatically makes your WordPress site much more mobile friendly.

However, nothing is perfect and neither is this plugin. First of all, it seems that there is no way to force the iPad to use the normal (non-mobile) site. The iPad is big enough that it doesn’t really need mobile rendering. However, it works much better on Opera Mini on my old Windows Mobile device.

My problem? It’s hard to test it with other phones! Yes, I know there are simulators/emulators out there and I have checked them out.  Here are some of them:

Although these are pretty neat to play with I have found that they are not always accurate. For instance, using iPadPeek tells me that the regular site comes up:

However, using an actual iPad here’s what you get:

I definitely prefer the former for the iPad but as I mentioned there is no way to change that automatically. There is a way to use the iPad to get the regular site by typing in a modified URL.  In this case it is

But back to my original problem–I need help!!!

I can’t rely on the emulators and I’m not sure using the MobilePress plugin is worth it if it doesn’t make it easier to see Tech the Plunge on mobile devices. So I’m asking, if you’ve got a few minutes, to take a look at Tech the Plunge on your mobile device, smartphone, iPad, etc.

For testing purposes, these links may help:

I’d like to thank everyone who leaves a comment about this experiment in advance as I know we are all busy people!!!  Thanks again!!!


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  • Chris Franzen

    viewing via HTC inspire with Dolphin HD browser, homepage shows up as a listing of your articles.  clicked on an article and it automatically displayed the page in size just right for my phone with correctly scaled pics and all.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Chris! That helps me out a lot. Thanks again!

  • Amit

    Instead of Mobile press, I would recommend using Wp-Touch, another WordPress plugin which offers more enhanced controls for a mobile specific theme of your website.

    I tested your site on my Android device (Samsung galaxy S is the model) and here is how the homepage looks like:

    Hope that helps

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Amit! After this test I’ll test out Wp-Touch and see how that works. Thanks again!

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