Khan Academy iPad App–First Impressions

by on March 12, 2012

Khan Academy released their iPad app yesterday so I decided to give it a quick spin this morning. If you’re an educator and have not heard about Khan Academy then it’s probably time to take a look. Even 60 Minutes did a piece just last night. I have also placed the 60 Minutes story in the upper right corner of this post.

I like the fact that the app now makes it easy to find the topic you are interested in very quickly. In addition the ability to download the videos to your iPad makes it easy to use when you happen to be offline.

Khan5 Khan1


This post is not about whether you like Khan Academy or not. It is not about whether you think that Khan Academy is “The Future of Education.” I view Khan Academy as just another resource to use in the classroom.

That being said, all is not perfect in the new app. When looking for one video, I was told it was not available and to “check back in a few hours.” In addition, horror upon horror, the app crashed!

Khan3 Khan4

As a math teacher, I like this resource a lot. Being able to access the videos offline on an iPad is tremendous as I don’t always have Internet access available or in some instances the bandwidth is just not enough to make it a comfortable experience.

I will continue to play around with this new app. So far, I like what I see but just as Khan Academy isn’t perfect, neither is the app. But it’s a great start!

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  • ElektroMork

    I’m a fifth grade teacher and have been using Khan Academy all year to supplement my math book. The kids love it! It’d be great if you could access the “practice” area of the web site using the iPad app.

    • jdthomas7

      I hear that they have plans to add the “practice” area. Hopefully it will be soon!

  • Macrocosm

    Khan Academy gives the impression that it wants to expose itself out there ASAP. What’s the point if they can’t deliver their apps ‘complete’?

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