The Surprising Lesson of “How I Got My Teacher Fired” YouTube Tutorials

by on March 26, 2014

youtube1I’m not a journalist! I don’t even play one on TV! And I don’t think writing this blog qualifies me as one either. But, maybe that’s a good thing.

Yesterday on FaceBook I came across this shocking video posted by a local radio celebrity. As I watched the video it left my disturbed and saddened. Then I realized the story came from my local Fox affiliate here in Houston. Take a look:

I think almost any educator would have the same feelings as I did. Shocked, saddened, disgusted, etc. I have been in schools where students attempted to get the teacher fired. And that was twenty years ago! Some of them actually succeeded. But there was no YouTube back then to give “tutorials.” Many reputable blogs saw the same video and posted these stories:

I immediately considered tweeting this video but thought it might make a good blog post. Sort of in the same vein as the articles above. So I did a little research for the article.  I found this YouTube video featuring two of the kids that the Fox report included:

More indignation! More fuel for the fire I was feeling. But, maybe there’s more out there.

I found this YouTube video by Corey Drake, one of the kids in the Fox report. Don’t watch it yet though. But not because it will make you angrier. Take a look at the screenshot below and it will explain everything. And it is a surprise!

Corey Drake Web1

Surprise! Surprise!

It seems that there is more to the story! Now, I don’t know what the truth is here. But I do know that there’s something more going on here. I googled the video he talked about in the picture above and it does indeed have over a million hits. About 1.6 million as I write this.

There are a lot of things you can talk about here. There are indeed students who try and get their teacher fired. I’ve seen it. But, more important, this is a great example of why we should teach our students to think critically! Don’t just take someone’s word for it–even if it’s on a national news feed! I guess that’s why I ended up being a math teacher. I could always check my answer. Those skills translate into technology and especially social media. Use the search engine of your choice and research your project thoroughly. Check your sources. And make up your own mind! Don’t let someone else make it up for you!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Sam Patterson

    The article I saw this morning was a F-X “news” piece. I wasn’t surprised because it capitalizes on fear and they recommend teachers NEVER form any relationship with their students. Keep them far away. . . ugh.

    • jdthomas7

      Exactly!!! A sad piece of journalism to be sure. And as you said even more sad about teacher-student relations!

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