Why You Need Your Own Site/Blog

by on August 31, 2010

Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy
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Leo Laporte does a great job of explaining why you need your own site/blog in addition to Twitter/Facebook/Buzz etc.  Since Leo is the most prolific tech podcaster out there, this segment generated a lot of buzz. (No pun intended!)  Anybody who has followed my tweets knows that I think Twitter is invaluable.  I can also get a lot of information and banter from Facebook.  However, I do like the fact that I “own” this blog and that there is a permanent record of what I’m doing that is mine!

This clip is part of his The Tech Guy vodcast.  Clicking play will take you to the interesting part on social media and blogs.  I always listen to his shows as much as possible.  Although it seems long, this video is the condensed version from 4 hours during the weekend of August 21 and 22.  Leo does 40 hours of podcasting per week from his TWIT network.

Leo Laporte on Social Media

via Joy of Tech

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