2 Easy Ways to Keep Your Delicious Account Alive and Updated!

by on December 31, 2010

Are you worried about the future of Delicious?

If so, you have probably exported your Delicious bookmarks to another service.  If you haven’t done so yet there are plenty of options available:

But once you have moved your bookmarks, is it really necessary to abandon Delicious entirely?  If you’ve put a lot of effort into Delicious in terms of bookmarks, following people and expanding your Delicious network then it might make sense to still update your Delicious account!

It’s always a good idea to have a backup of your data.  But backups are notoriously neglected by even the most tech savvy users.  The reason:  it’s a pain.  That is until you lose your data and you wish you had it to do all over again.

Here are two easy ways to keep your Delicious account alive and in the meantime you’ll have a backup of your bookmarks.  In addition, once setup there will be no extra effort on your part!  And the setup is super easy!

Method 1:  Use Packrati.us to automatically bookmark your tweets to Delicious

If you’re not familiar with Packrati.us there are plenty of posts to introduce you to this service.  Basically, it will bookmark your Tweets into your Delicious account.

For more information on Packrati.us take a look at these two posts:

Take some time to check out Packrati.us to automatically bookmark your Tweets!

Method 2:  Use Diigo to Automatically Save to Delicious

If you’ve decided to make Diigo your primary bookmarking service, they have provided a great way to keep your Delicious account updated.  After exporting your Delicious bookmarks and importing them into Diigo, you now  have TWO copies of all your bookmarks.

All you have to do is click on Tools on the Diigo site, then click on Save to Delicious.  From that point on, anything you bookmark in Diigo will also be bookmarked in Delicious.

If you really want to be effective, you could have Packrati.us save your tweets to Diigo instead of Delicious.  Once that happens, Diigo will save that bookmark to Delicious.  In that case, anything you tweet is bookmarked in two locatiions without doing anything more than sending a tweet!

I’ve relied on Delicious a long time and really would like to see it succeed in whatever form it ends up taking.  That said, I feel I need to keep using it but at the same time realize it might go away.  So, I’m covering myself for all eventualities.  If it succeeds, my Delicious account will have all the bookmarks updated and if it doesn’t, Diigo will have all the bookmarks.  That’s what I call the best of all worlds!

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  • Hellenharvey

    Is there a way to have Diigo bookmarks show up in order of date added, as they do in Delicious? It seems to only do this on the main page but not in the folders.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not really sure about the answer as I only use tags. In fact, I’m not even aware that Diigo has folder capability–tags seem to come in date added as you mentioned. I’ll look into it more thoroughly and see what I can find out!

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