46 EdTech Resources You May Have Missed–Treasure Chest Jan. 9, 2011

by on January 9, 2011

Here is this week’s edition of Treasure Chest–46 EdTech Resources You May Have Missed for this past week.

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Before getting started, I found an interesting tool to discover the most popular links on a page.

For instance, I could put the URL of last week’s Treasure Chest into this tool and it would return a color-coded version of the page.  I’m not sure how useful it is yet, but for now I like using it!


  • DOs and DON’Ts of Blogging With Students | Burcu Akyol’s Blog–I thought it would be a good idea to publish some DOs and DON’Ts. These guidelines are specific to our school but some of the suggestions might be valid for the other blogging teachers too.
  • Web-based Digital Storytelling Tools and Online Interactive Resources–There are many great websites that provide opportunities for students to develop language skills, tell stories, and share back their knowledge in fun, creative, and meaningful ways each using a computer.  There are also terrific websites and portals which have links to excellent online interactives which can be used in the classroom  with an interactive whiteboard.
  • Solar System Exploration: Home Page–The Solar System Exploration website is a one-stop shop for planetary information published by NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

What Great Principals Do Differently!



iPad, iPod, etc.

  • The App List: What’s Going on my iPad–I have been asked time and time again by students, teachers and technology specialists just what I am installing on my class set of iPads.  Well, here’s the post you’ve all been waiting for.
  • 7 Reasons You Need an iPad in Your Classroom and 10 Ways to Use Them | Technology Teacher–This blog post will explore reasons why the iPad might be the perfect technology tool in our schools today, providing teachers with 10 concrete ideas for using them in the classroom RIGHT NOW.
  • 5 Free Twitter Clients For The iPad–From the official Twitter app to the broader social networking client apps, if you’re an avid Twitter and iPad user, you will no doubt want to download more than one Twitter client for iPad, because each of the ones reviewed below offer something a little unique that you may find useful to how you interact with Twitter.
  • More Schools Embrace the iPad as a Learning Tool – NYTimes.com–Spending money on tablet computers may seem an extravagance, but some educators say they are more than just a cool toy.
  • 10 Great Free Games for Your iPad–Who got an iPad for Christmas? I did, and I’ve been glued to it ever since. I’m going to start with the iPad games section because, let’s face it — what’s an iPad really good for, if not fun?
  • The iPad Kids–The iPad Kids is all about the iPad from a kid’s point of view. Reviews of apps, iPad cases and stands, YouTube cool videos, our own The iPad Kids Podcasts, social networking, educational tools, how to start a blog like The iPad Kids, social media, Twitter, Facebook and stuff.
  • Fun Educational Apps for your ipad–Did you know you could turn your iPad into a Fun Educational Learning Center with some great educational apps?



Learn It in 5–How-to videos Mash-up for teachers

How-To Videos Mash-up for Teachers

Project Based Learning Explained

Project Based Learning Explained

Classroom 2.0 Live with Richard Byrne

Classroom 2.0 Live with Richard Byrne from Lorna Costantini on Vimeo.

Classroom 2.0 Live Show Saturday January 8, 2011

Classroom 2.0 Live Broadcast

Accompanying LiveBinder

Winking smileThe Open Doctrine

The Open Doctrine
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    Thanks so much for this; so many resources all in one place!

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      You’re quite welcome! Glad it was of some use for you!

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