Google Image Search Made Fun with Montage-A-Google

by on January 11, 2011

Sometimes you need that perfect image for your blog or report.  Sometimes you just like to look for cool photos or images.  In either case, no one can claim that the Google interfaces is “pretty.”

If you want to find that perfect image and enjoy an aesthetically pleasing interface that you can also save and download, try Montage-A-Google.

The name pretty much tells you what this search engine does:  it makes a really neat montage of the search-term images.

For example, suppose I am searching for images of planets.  I enter “planests” into the search area.

and here’s what I get:

Click on Image to Enlarge

If you like the result you have the option to download the resulting image which could be used as artwork or even as a desktop wallpaper.

But, after all, this is an image search.  Use your mouse to hover over the image you would like to look at and click on it:

Click on an Image to Enlarge

I just had to try one more and since I’m originally from Chicago, I miss the snow! (Texas doesn’t get too much snow–especially Houston)

Click on Image to Enlarge

So if you want a versatile, fun and artsy way to search for Google Images give Montage-A-Google a whirl!

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  • Gail Lovely

    This is a cool tool, just remember to watch out for copyright by maybe using advanced search?

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