A Great Way for Teachers to Bookmark & Share Educational Videos

by on February 21, 2011

You’ve just read the title of this post and you might be thinking that you already know how to bookmark and share videos. You might use YouTube’s watch later feature or use Read It Later for videos that you don’t have time to watch right now. You may be using Diigo, Delicious etc. to bookmark those videos. Many video sites also support sharing as well.  So what’s so  special now? How about a free service that brings most video sites together as one, allows you to bookmark them, share them on Facebook and Twitter, email them or share as organized lists and will play the video right on their site? Too good to be true? It’s not–it’s called Radbox!

Radbox makes it very easy to bookmark videos via their bookmarklet. Once you find a video that you don’t have time to watch now or want to share as part of a large collection of videos on a specific topic, just click on the bookmarklet.  In addition, Radbox enables you to bookmark videos via Google Reader and via email.

As of right now Radbox claims to support over 70 popular video sites–see the list here. In addition, mobile apps are on their way soon!

I played around with Radbox after signing up for their service and found that it worked pretty well. One site I thought it would work with was TeacherTube but it has some problems with that site. However, YouTube, Vimeo, TED,  Hulu, Metacafe, SchoolTube and many more worked very well! Unlike other bookmarking services, Radbox displays attractive thumbnails of your bookmarked videos.

Another great plus is that you don’t have to be on a video site to use the Radbox bookmarklet. Perhaps one of your favorite education blogs has a video as part of their post that you really want to bookmark. No problem, click on the bookmarklet and Radbox will save it.

I’ve already set up a few lists and have made them public. They don’t have much in them now as I’ve just begun to organize the videos. You can see my three lists in the image above on the right sidebar.

Imagine being able to send teachers and students a public list such as my  EdTech List.

I’ve embedded a nice how-to video of RadBox in the multimedia box in the upper right-hand corner of this post that shows you even more features of Radbox.

Radbox shows a lot of promise and hopefully you will find it as interesting as I do.

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